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Boccia, Italian in origin, is a unique sport that can be played by everyone, however only athletes in the CP1 and CP2 classifications may compete at the national and international levels. In Boccia, both men and women compete together, playing individually, in pairs or as a team. Boccia players may play using their hands or feet, with or without assistive devices to throw or direct the ball to the target. It is a strategic game that requires tactical, technical and mental preparation to beat your opponent. It is a game where anything can happen.

Boccia is played with 13 balls (6 red, 6 blue, 1 white) 6 per competitor and 1 target ball (jack ball). The jack ball (white) is used to start off the game and is thrown by one of the competitors on the court. Once this is done, the object of the game is to come as close to the jack ball as possible to gain points. Competitors are allowed and encouraged to touch/hit the jack ball with their balls. If you are interested in participating in Boccia please contact your provincial affiliate.

Boccia: Using underhand throw

Boccia: Using overhand throw

Boccia: Using ramp with finger

Boccia: Using ramp with headpointer